Conditions of Play

2016 Conditions of Play

These conditions of play are to be followed in conjunction with Women's Bowls NSW  Conditions of Play for State Championships and all Association Events 1st January – 31st December’, The Blue Book (amended November 2015 [v2])

1.1  Nomination sheets for each club championship or competition will be  placed on the noticeboard two weeks prior to the closure date.
1.2 All nominations will close at 2.00pm on the specified date. The entry fee must be paid by this date.
1.3 The draw will be displayed on the noticeboard at least ten days prior to the commencement of all championships or competitions.

2.1  No event will be scheduled to commence until the semi-finals of the previous event have been played.
2.2  The Match Committee, in consultation with the greenkeeper, will allocate the rinks/greens on which each event will be played.
2.3  The first round of play for all events will be listed for play on a Friday (trial ends at 9.15 am; play to commence at 9.30 am). Subsequent rounds will be displayed on the draw, with play restricted, as far as possible, to Tuesdays and Fridays.

Association Events shall be interpreted as being an event that is promoted by the WBNSW and under its organization and control and include: all club Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Championships. This section focuses on some of these rules that TWBC club must follow.
3.1  Teams must be self-selected and an open draw conducted, in each club and played as follows:
          Singles 25 up (shots scored over 25 will not be counted)
          Pairs and Triples 18 ends
          Fours 21 ends
3.2  State/district events scheduled on the same date of play take   precedence over club events.
3.3  Forfeits and withdrawals at club level
3.3 (i) Any singles player, team or side unable to play at the time and date specified must forfeit to the controlling body.
3.3 (ii) There can be no domestic rule which allows extra time if for any reason a player is unavailable when a game is set down. Mutual agreement between all players and notification to the controlling body/Match Committee allows play before the carded date.
 3.3 (iii) If singles players or skips have negotiated a new date with the Match Committee, the play or forfeit rule will then apply to this new agreed date.
3.3 (iv) If play does not take place because of inclement weather, a new date will be negotiated.
3.4  Substitutes and Replacement Players
3.4 (i) During the competition only one substitute player is allowed. Permission for a substitute player shall be obtained from the controlling body/Match Committee before the start of play in any round.
3.4 (ii) Only one replacement player is allowed and only after the first round has been played. Permission for a replacement player shall be obtained from the controlling body/Match Committee before the start of play in any round after the first round.

4. Club Competitions
These include Minor Singles and Minor Pairs, Major/Minor events, Consistency, and other tournaments or gala days. While these events are not governed by the Conditions of Play set out for Association Events, the rules set out in the third section above will generally be applied.
In addition:
4.1  Any member who has won a Minor Singles and/or a Major Singles in this or any other club is ineligible to enter a Minor Singles Competition.
4.2  Any member who has won a Major Singles, Minor Pairs or Major Pairs in this or any other club is ineligible to enter a Minor Pairs Competition.

5.  General guidelines that will apply to all championships and
     competitions at our club.
5.1  Notice of intention to forfeit will be given to a member of the Match Committee who will notify the opposing player/skip.
5.2  If there is any doubt re the commencement of play owing to inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the players (singles)/skips (teams) to contact the club. Players may be required to play after a final decision has been made up to one hour after the scheduled commencement time.
5.3  If play is abandoned for the day, all matches will be deferred to the next available playing day as per the draw on the noticeboard.
5.4  No game will be changed for a player who has chosen to play in another tournament.
5.5  Players will not be required by the Match Committee to play on Annual/Quarterly Meeting days, but may request to do so. Play will commence after the meeting has concluded.
6. Finals
6.1  The final of each event will be arranged for the next suitable Tuesday after the semi-finals have been played.
6.2  The final of the Major Singles event will be marked by the president, or her nominated representative.

7. Expectations and responsibilities of club members 
7.1  It is a requirement of entry in a Singles event that defeated players are available (or find a replacement) to mark the next round of the event.
7.2  The Match Committee will exercise its right to alter/set new dates to complete the event within a reasonable time.
7.3  It is expected that all club championships/competitions will be played in the spirit of true sportsmanship and that the application of common sense will resolve most issues.
7.4 Working and non-working members are asked to give due consideration to each other.
7.5  Entry into any championship/competition denotes acceptance of the above Conditions of Play.
These Conditions of Play supersede any previous Conditions of Play.

Approved by Management 22nd November, 2016
Rose Bendall  (President)

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